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A box for a fresh and delicately scented interior.

A Trio of sachets, to perfume the cupboards and to plunge into marvellous memories.

The Lavender Essential Oil Spray is an excellent ally to protect your home from the invasion of unwanted insects. It is effective to purify the air in period of flu and cold.

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  • Spray pure essential oil of lavandin - 3,4fl/oz
    1 x Organic pure essential oil of lavandin spray - 3,4fl/oz

    Say goodbye to moths in your closets and other insects visiting your home! This spray of pure essential oil of lavandin is a naturally powerful insect repellent for your cupboards, on your sheets and can also be used in some household products.Lavandula Angustifolia X latifolia Grosso bio - Lavandin Grosso bio   

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  • Set of 3 coussins Set of 3 coussins
    1 x Set of 3 lavender scented sachets

    The eternal sachets for wardrobe, that we appreciated so much during our childhood! They are here, useful and pleasant to diffuse the delicate scent of lavender in our closets and immerse us in wonderful memories. Details and instructions for use below.

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A Trio of sachets, to perfume the cupboards and to plunge into marvellous. memories.

Uses : Under your pillow, on your bedside table, in your dressing room, in your car, in your shoes, everything is good to welcome a sachet that smells naturally fresh!

Size : each sachet is 11x11cm / 4.33x4.33 inches

Ingredients : dried lavender flowers packaged in a natural linen sachet.

The lavandin essential oil spray is an excellent ally to protect your home from insect invasion and to purify the air.

Uses :
Moths treatment : If moths are already present, it is important to eradicate the insects first before using lavender essential oil. Otherwise they risk to move in the nearby cupboard.

Maintenance of your cupboards: moths hate the smell of lavender. An application once a week in your closet will allow you to repel them effectively. Also consider spraying lavender essential oil on your linens and sheets before putting them in the closet. Besides the wonderful aroma of lavender they will bring to your closet, their delicate smell will be released when you use them.

Household products: To enjoy the delicate scent of lavandin and repel insects, spray organic lavandin essential oil on your vacuum cleaner filter and in the water used to wash your floor.

Packaging : 100ml / 3.4 fl.oz bottle with spray pump

Ingredients: Lavandula Angustifolia X Latifolia var. Grosso bio