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A box adapted to active men, composed of the essentials to travel in all serenity.
This organic True Lavender drops is the 100% natural solution for sleep disorders or stress. The roll-on, the essential to treat the impurities of the skin and the unforeseen of the daily newspaper: insect bites, repellent against the lice etc...

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  • Roll-on soothing Roll-on soothing
    1 x Organic essential oil of lavandin Roll-on

    One of our best seller, this roll-on has multiple virtues. Whether it is to relieve itchy skin, to treat small acne pimples or to act effectively on your stress, the roll-on slips into a bag, a pocket, a toilet bag or backpack and accompanies you in your daily life. Soft mixture between the organic essential oil of lavandin and vegetable oil.

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  • Pure huile essentielle de lavande fine
    1 x Organic pure essential oil of True Lavender drops

    The perfect anti-stress ! The pure essential oil of organic True Lavender is known for its soothing properties. In case of sleep disorders or stress, this drops are the 100% natural solution! It is also used as a kitchen aroma, it embellishes sweet biscuits, crèmes brûlées but also meats like lamb for example.Details and advice for use below.

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>This organic True Lavender drops is the 100% natural solution for sleep disorders or stress.

To sleep well: a few drops on your pillow before to go to bed will promote sleep. Massage your solar plexus with a drop of organic True Lavender essential oil before going to bed.

To be Relaxed: 2 drops on a piece of bread  (once a day in a one month cure) in a way to feel its relaxing and soothing virtues.

To cook: add a drop to the preparation of certain dishes or desserts

Packaging: Drops of 15 ml / 0,5fl/oz

Ingredients: Lavandula Angustifolia - Var. Maillette

>The Roll-On, the solution to treat skin impurities and unexpected daily problems: insect bites, lice repellent, etc.

Insect bites: Very effective for insect bites, simply roll the ball on the blister to relieve pain and make itching disappear.
Acne pimples: Excellent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, the roll-on can be applied directly to small acne pimples.
Anti-lice: In period of lice's invasion, an application behind the ears every morning will push back these nasty beasts. Lavandin is an insect repellent, it only repels insects.
Anti-stress: If you are stressed, an application on the inside of the wrist of the roll on will help you to breathe and relax. It is also adapted to children and teenagers before a test if they are very stressed. The application of the roll on with the organic essential oil of lavandin is a ritual which will be beneficial to recover their calm.

Packaging: roll-on : 5ml / 0,17 fl/oz Height : 7 cm / 2,75 inches Diameter : 1 cm / 0.4 inches

Ingredients: Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil – lavandula hybrida oil – geraniol – limonene - linalool