Essentiel de Lavande

Essentiel de Lavande produces 100% natural essential lavender and Lavendin oils extracted from the calyces of flowers cultivated in accordance with French Organic Quality standards, on a small-scale production site at la Begude de Mazenc in the Provençale Drôme region of France.

Organic Producer Domain

In a farm nestled in a small valley basking in the sun, bordered by lavender fields diffusing their scents throughout the seasons, the "Essentiel de Lavande" opens its doors and lets you discover its universe. More than a location, the Domain is an invigorating, yet peaceful haven, in the heart of a natural environment. This is where our organic lavender fields are cultivated. The clay-limestone land is perfectly exposed, benefitting every sprig of lavender or Lavendin throughout its flowering season, ideal conditions to produce essences naturally rich in scents and flavors.

Weeding is carried out using a "griffon", a special tool in the alleys, or else by hand, all around each plant. Even sheep or goats have a role to play. When the plants are in full bloom or right after the harvest, herds cross our fields to feast on unwanted native plants and weeds. It is in June that the fields take on delicate blue hues, turning into deep blue or purple in July depending on the variety, and then slightly grey at harvest time, between end of June and mid-July.

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Our Story

Originally, Odile GUERPILLON TASSI, passionate about plants and more specifically by the varieties of lavender and Lavendin, took over an agricultural farm in the Drôme Provençale. Her project: to give life again to a plant whose fragrances remain timeless.

Distilled, the precious oil is reinvented around an organic collection for the home and well-being. The story of the Essentiel de Lavande is written every day, along with our encounters...

The "Essentiel de Lavande" found its place naturally in the universe of the well-being, the home and... the flavors! Each collection is carefully developed on the basis of natural components with, of course, organic lavender and Lavendin produced from our fields. The virtues of those plants are respected and the olfactory promise is kept! In a delicately formulated infusion, the lavender mixed with other aromatic regional plants offers sweet surprises.

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