Essentiel de Lavande

Essentiel de Lavande produces 100% natural essential lavender and lavandin oils extracted from the calyces of flowers cultivated in accordance with French Organic Quality standards, on a small-scale production site at Clansayes, in the Provençale Drôme region of France.


At spring-time, as soon as the first shoots make their appearance, we devote special attention to our fields, to ensure that each plant thrives in the best possible conditions.

Weeding is carried out using a special hook, or else by hand, all around each plant. Even the sheep and goats have a role to play: when the plants are in full bloom, herds cross our fields to feast on the unwanted wild plants.

In June, the fields take on delicate bluish hues, which in July turn into deep blue for lavender, and violet for the lavandin, and then slightly grey at cutting time, between mid-July and the beginning of August.

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Our Story

The clay-limestone fields are perfectly exposed so that each lavender plant enjoys optimal conditions all through the blooming period, to produce natural essences which are rich in fragrance and flavours.

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