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Set of 3 lavender scented sachets



The eternal sachets for wardrobe, that we appreciated so much during our childhood! They are here, useful and pleasant to diffuse the delicate scent of lavender in our closets and immerse us in wonderful memories.

Details and instructions for use below.

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To diffuse a delicate scent in your closets and storage areas, these lavender flowers are harvested at the end of the season when each bud is gorging with essential oil and giving off its strongest scent. To take full advantage of this scent, remember to regularly knead these small sachet.

Uses: Under your pillow, on your bedside table, in your dressing room, in your car, in your shoes, everything is good to welcome a sachet that smells naturally fresh!

Size: each sachet is 11x11cm / 4.33x4.33 inches

Ingredients: dried lavender flowers packaged in a natural linen sachet