After the end-of-year excesses and to get through the seasonal cold, have the right reflexes for a more soothed body and mind. Let's change our habits!

1. Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water will help your body eliminate toxins day after day and make your skin smoother. Water and herbal teas should be favored throughout the day.

2. Enjoy a restful sleep

Often easier said than done... Start by going to bed early and away from the blue light of screens. True lavender can also help! Calming, it helps you relax just before sleep. Our tips:

          > Prepare your Soothing Lavender/Verbena organic herbal tea and enjoy it peacefully away from blue lights,

          > Apply a drop of organic True Lavender oil to the inside of each of your wrists,

          >  A few hours before going to bed, spray some organic True Lavender essential oil on your pillow so that the delicate scent of lavender envelops you at bedtime and accompanies your breathing for a deep sleep.

3. Limit Anxiety

This year, it’s time to take care of yourself! Engage in a sport activity and opt for regular wellness rituals. Half an hour just for yourself in the bathroom… A nice bath and delicate floral fragrances with a few drops of organic lavandin in your water… a simple dream to grant yourself once a week. In the shower, remember to exfoliate your face and body for soft skin and a radiant complexion!

4. Eat well

Prefer seasonal products, vegetables, and fresh fruits!


What treatments to beautify skin weakened by winter?

Firstly, remove makeup every evening. With a cleansing milk, a micellar lotion, or a foam depending on your preferences. However, it's worth noting that micellar lotion is more suited for oily skin types and cleansing milk for dry skin.

Secondly, protect and moisturize your skin in the morning. On the face, with an effective moisturizing cream. A shea butter balm is ideal for the entire body and prevents any feeling of twinges.

Thirdly, protect your lips from the cold with our natural protective and repairing balm, it is so effective! If you have chapped lips, do not hesitate to apply it on these painful cracks or as a preventive measure... Guaranteed result!