This year, the Domaine L’Essentiel de Lavande in Drôme Provençale has just received the Accueil Vélo (“Bicycle Welcomed”) label. A national brand that guarantees a welcoming and quality services along cycling routes, particularly for touring cyclists. Today, there are more than 7,000 tourist structures in France that have joined this network, and we are proud to be part of it. An increasing number of cyclists are choosing to spend their vacations cycling in France. Whether it is with family, friends, or as a couple, the holidaymakers are very diverse and share a common passion: sporty and outdoor vacations "in slow mode".

For cyclists on holiday in the Drôme region, the Accueil Vélo label means...

  • A cycling route less than 5 km away from the tourist offer:

    L’Essentiel de Lavande is located on the bike route No. 82 around Montélimar named The Panoramas of Valdaine. A good cycling plan of 77km and +732m in elevation starting from the village Marsanne.
  • Facilities adapted to cyclists on site:

    At L’Essentiel de Lavande in Drôme Provençale, we have a repair kit, bike racks, and a charging point for electric bikes.
  • A warm welcome:

    Advice, the best routes, and practical information about your bike rides in Drôme Provençale are offered on site. Thus, travelers can fully enjoy their getaway in our partner structure of France Vélo Tourisme.

Throughout the journey in the Drôme Provençale, the scents of lavender await you. 

Just a few kilometers from the Via Rhona cycle route and the famous Nationale 7 route, the Domaine the Essentiel de Lavande located in La Bégude de Mazenc is a true haven of peace amidst the lavender fields. On site, it's an opportunity to enjoy a chic picnic break close to the lavenders. The view is superb and it's pleasant to savor the delicacies of Provence in the shade of the truffle oaks. Before leaving, a discovery visit around lavender is a must, and is the chance to learn more about the cultivation of this emblematic plant of the South of France. For those who are fans of complete relaxation, it's also possible to treat oneself to a massage in the middle of the fields.  A deep massage adapted for athletes. How to access the Domaine L’Essentiel de Lavande? Take advantage of the Dieulefit-Montélimar route sprinkled with picturesque stops or opt for the Panoramas de la Valdaine route No. 82, which offers a beautiful diversity of landscapes and small villages.

Focus on... The Montélimar cycle route No. 82: The Panoramas of Valdaine

The start of this loop, full of landscapes and heritage, begins in Marsanne where the less sporty will have the opportunity to rent electrically assisted bicycles from the tourist office. This ride will take you from village to village, most of them perched in a hilly landscape surrounding the rich plain of Valdaine. Before heading downhill, a short detour to the viewpoint above the old village of Marsanne is essential. A vast landscape full of colors will unfold before you, providing an overview of your route. You will then descend along the hillside, fully enjoying each panorama, to join the Roubion, climb up the eastern slope, and skirt the plain on the south side. It’s through small, quiet roads lined with woods or fields that you will gently make your way back to the start of the loop.

To find out more, it's this way!

Slow tourism in Drôme Provençale, what is it?

Slow tourism is the art of traveling while taking one's time, fully immersing oneself in the nature that surrounds us and the richness of heritage. It's about prioritizing encounters, savoring the culinary pleasures, with a concern for respecting the region and its inhabitants. In Drôme Provençale, one must wander, exchange, and observe to appreciate the beauty of our environment. At the Domaine L’Essentiel de Lavande, we welcome you simply and share the nature that surrounds us during our discovery visits of lavender, workshops for making organic cosmetics, and chic picnics showcasing locally sourced and seasonal products. Throughout the journey in Drôme Provençale, there will be many and varied encounters: passionate potters, craft artisans (especially at La Fabrique de Poët Laval), organic farmers, and committed restaurant owners. Biking is the ideal means of transportation for exploring the pretty bucolic corners of the area. From May to October, the weather is generally good: a beautiful idea for outdoor escapes punctuated by the song of cicadas.